Sderot cinema. Israelis bringing chairs 2 hilltop in sderot 2 watch latest from Gaza. Clapping when blasts are heard.

Some western media outlets like the Telegraph, have said Sderot is being battered by missiles and rockets from Gaza. The article “Israel’s front line town of Sderot battered by missiles“ published by the Telegraph on June 9, around the time Sørensen took this picture, says: “Residents of the ‘city of rockets’ just a mile from Gaza describe the fear of living under bombardment by missiles.”

Theater of War: Photo Captures Israelis ‘Watching’ Gaza Being Bombed






My apartment has windows facing the street, meaning I can hear pretty much everything that happens on the sidewalk beneath them. And this morning, just as my side of the street was getting the cars cleared for street cleaning, I heard some dude outside go, “C’mon, I just want your number, is that so much to ask? You’re so pretty, you know?”

Well, in light of recent conversations, I was like RED ALERT, and bustled my nosy butt outside to see what was up. Sure enough, a guy in his mid-to-late thirties had stopped his car, gotten out, and was now following a girl down the street. And when I say a girl, I mean a teenager.

Now, I’m brave and stuff, but this guy had shown himself willing to go so far outside the socially acceptable boundaries of behavior that I was pretty sure if I called him on this he wouldn’t take it well, and I was weighing my options when, like an angel of mercy and goodness, a parking enforcement officer came rolling up and she got out. First she saw me and was like, “Is this your car?”

And I was like, “It belongs to that guy down the street hassling that girl.”

And bless this woman’s heart, she gave this great eyebrow and was like, “EXCUSE ME SIR, UNLESS YOU WANT A $75 TICKET I SUGGEST YOU MOVE.”

I will give him credit for balls of steel, because he actually said, “Hold on one minute, I’m talking to my friend,” which, NOPE.

Fortunately the officer is like, “Sure, I’ll wait a minute, and in the meantime I’ll be writing you this ticket.”

So the dude goes grumbling back to his car, and of course he can’t park it anywhere nearby, so he drives off. In the meantime, I ask the girl if she wants to come inside for a minute to make sure the dude left, which she did, and sure enough DUDE CIRCLED AROUND THE BLOCK LOOKING FOR HER (I watched him while the girl was inside getting acquainted with my dog) before taking off. The girl is 18, she didn’t know the guy, and the whole time I was driving her to her brother’s house she kept trying to figure out what she’d done wrong.

Not all men harass women. But all women - and girls - are harassed by men.

One time I was walking home from the grocery store with a few bags of groceries and had a guy in his car offer me a ride home. I politely refused and kept walking. He followed me in his car for a few hundred feet then pulled into a side street (on the opposite side of the road) where he could park, crossed six lanes (two lanes of traffic plus a bus lane in each direction) outside of a crosswalk, caught up with me and tried to strike up a conversation. I said as little to him as I could and started walking faster.

He didn’t try to stay next to me but continued following me down the sidewalk from a little ways behind. It was around midnight and on a stretch of road without any houses or places of business, if he had tried something, no one would have seen, there was nowhere that I could have gotten away to, my mobility was better than than it is now but being a spoonie there was no way that I could have outrun him if I had needed to. I didn’t think that I was going to be alive in the morning. Because let’s be real, that’s how this shit works if you’re a pre-op trans woman. If your lucky he might not rape you before he kills you, but either way, as soon as he finds out that he was attracted to a trans woman, you’re fucked. Your very existence is evidence that he has violated one of society’s most fiercely enforced rules - you must never, ever be attracted to a tranny. To your average cis male, wanting one of us is beyond unspeakable. It is a violation of everything that society has conditioned into him. And if anyone were to find out, his entire social standing would be in jeopardy.

Thankfully, that isn’t how this story ends, as is obvious by the fact that I’m writing it. Eventually, I got to the long stretch of fence that separated my apartment complex from the street. At this point, he had fallen a little bit behind me, though I knew from the occasional glance I would chance over my shoulder that he was still following me. I’m guessing he was trying to follow me home. I knew that there was a little gap between two sections of fence that I could slip through and come out behind one of the dumpsters in my apartment complex. I hoped that with the distance between us and the dim light it wouldn’t be obvious where I had gone, and seemingly it worked since I didn’t see him again as I quickly made my way through the parking lot (not as trivial a distance as it sounds, big complex and I was on the opposite end of it). I somehow made it home and never saw another sign of him. I was terrified and shaken, but I was alive and safe. Miraculously. I’m still surprised that I… that I made it through that night.

If you feel the need to ask why I was doing a grocery run in the middle of the night, you’re a jackass for questioning that, but I’ll answer it anyway. It was the middle of summer, I couldn’t drive, and the Safeway was a mile and a half away from where I lived. Doing that walk at night was the only way to accomplish it without the heat being absolutely insufferable. And while there was a bus that ran from near where we were to in front of the supermarket, it was like $2 each way and my ex and I were dirt poor. Not like, “We can’t spare $4,” dirt poor but like, “We don’t actually have $4 most of the time,” poor. We were only getting groceries because she had food stamps, and only had a place to stay because a friend was paying our rent (and half a dozen months later were evicted after that person stopped paying it). So yeah, that’s why I was grocery shopping at weird hours, what of it?

I walk to the grocery store near my apartment on a busy street, I’ve chosen that route for safety even though it’s longer because if I took the side-roads which is quicker, it has less foot traffic and sporadic street lights. So I take the longer route.

Regardless, walking home, I’ve been followed for a couple of blocks by guys that ask to help with my groceries or make comments about inviting themselves up for dinner to my place for dinner because they’ll see a cupcake box or appealing dessert in my grocery bags. I never start the conversation and I never respond. I rebuff them and they’ll get surly or follow me and I’ve had to walk down more city blocks to recircle my apartment just to make sure they don’t find out what street I live on. Nowhere in any of these interactions has anyone helped me diffuse the situation. I’ve even backtracked and entered other shops to avoid them. Like decide to stop at a coffee shop even when, I am returning with groceries, it’s heavy and making an extra trip is very inconvenient for me but I do it for safety. To these men, this is just normal conversations, but to me it disrupts my entire day and leaves me shaky and scared. 

I remember the first time I was explicitly sexually harrassed which was when I was 10, maybe 11 (but I looked about 8). I’d moved schools and I had to take the bus to get home. At the bus stop there was always a group of teenagers (mostly boys) hanging out, presumably they had to take the bus after mine.

One of those boys harassed me for months; making lewd comments/suggestions, grabbing my hand and refusing to let go, crowding me up against the bus stop, etc… After a few months of ignoring him and not accomplishing anything, I started rebuffing him.
I remember one occasion where he once again made a rude suggestion and I looked him straight in the eyes and responded: ‘In your dreams.’

The reason I still remember this particular exchange is because when I told my parents about it, they had a chuckle. They thought my response was witty and hilarious (again, I was ten). They told others who had similar reactions. No one questioned why I would be involved in a conversation that would cause me to give such an answer. No one wondered why a teenage boy was harassing a ten year old. 
Same goes for the people on the street.

Remember, this wasn’t an abandonned busroute. This all happened in broad daylight, in the middle of the city, across from a primary school. There was always traffic. Adults passed that bus stop all the time. Yet in the almost 2 years that boy hassled me (while his friends stood by and laughed), not one time did an adult or anyone else intervene. 
No one wants to get involved in something so uncomfortable when ignoring it is so easy.

basing your "facts" on tweets (really?!) written by Palestinians and news written by palestinians is going to give you a very one sided image of things. Try reading NEUTRAL news. Have you seen the BBC article about most of the propaganda pictures the hamas sent out being utterly and completely FAKE?

— Anonymous


The fuck? I’m basing it on statistics from various sources.
As in academic sources.
As in, I study Middle East affairs at university.
As in, I’ve written essays and exams using statistics that had to be verified by lecturers.

Even recently, I know what sources to use outside of my studies when observing the conflict. The 77% civilian statistic has been verified on literally every site I’ve visited.

Better yet, as I just cleared up, I have NO reason to be bias. I did not go into this issue with pre-determined loyalties.

And why the fuck would I use Hamas as a source? When have I EVER? 

Also, you then use the BBC as a case of neutrality? Have I got news for you.



I’ve been thinking about the G. Danger test drift’s context and content, and there was something subtly bothering me but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The film has a slight problem with internal consistency as pertaining to terminology. We’re introduced to terms like the drift, neural handshake, neural bridge, and at points in the film they’re treated like they’re interchangeable and synonymous.

Except…. they’re really really not.

I don’t own the supplemental media, and for all I know this may have been addressed elsewhere, but if so someone would have mentioned it by now.


As established by the official site and the film’s deployment sequences, the drift between pilots is created nearly simultaneously, but definitely sequentially, with the neural handshake that links them to the Jaeger. The pilots are linked by a sophisticated peer-to-peer brain-sharing interface, and it’s the gestalt of the two (or three) formed by the drift that drives the Jaeger.

So what does this mean when a pilot’s out of alignment?

We know from the battle scenes that pilots can disengage their movements from those of the the Jaeger in order to manually activate items on the console or perform other actions, presumably via mental toggling back and forth.

When Raleigh has his post-traumatic flashback after they finish G. Danger’s calibration, both he and Mako go out of alignment.


Tendo: They’re both out of alignment.
: Both of them?
Tendo: Both of them.


Tendo: Gipsy, Gipsy, you’re out of alignment, you are both out of alignment!
Raleigh: I’m okay, just let me control it.
Tendo: You’re stabilizing, but Mako is way out! She’s starting to chase the R.A.B.I.T.!


Question: Why would it important that both of them are out of alignment?

Answer: Pilot alignment can only mean lining up and synching with the Jaeger, not one’s copilot. Raleigh moves back into G. Danger’s last position when he recovers, whereas Mako is bolt-upright, frozen and lost in her own memory, way out of alignment.

They lose alignment to the Jaeger, not each other: they’re still drifting, still linked, because when Mako chases the R.A.B.I.T., Raleigh traces her back in and chases it with her.

Let’s take a moment to consider that Raleigh, who wasn’t the natural like his brother was, who doesn’t consider himself to be particularly gifted in any way, dives straight into Mako’s memories without looking back, and still keeps enough of a foothold in reality and himself not to drown in the moment like Mako does. To phrase it slightly differently, Raleigh throws himself into the memories of a person he’s known less than a day, someone with whom he shares very few reference points, and manages to find her anyway. He might as well have run into a burning building full of mannequins looking for Mako, because it would have been easier and at least the exits would have been marked.

Let’s also take a moment to reflect on how, in the grips of the most traumatizing flashback possible, Mako still manages unconsciously to realign her connection to G. Danger and activate the plasma canon on Raleigh’s side, and even though he has experience and a fairly ironclad will he can’t override her. What others do by training and probably a hell of a lot of cognitive adjustment, Mako does easily as thought, more easily even, because she does it without thinking.

Later, when Raleigh tells Mako “[their] drift was strong,” he’s really not kidding.



cas’ ‘goodness’ was not brought on by dean

cas did not rebel ‘only for’ dean

cas’ motivations do not center singularly on dean

thank u for ur time

hii I just wanted to add to this because I disliked Anna for the longest time, then I kind of questioned why & it was because she came between Cas & Dean & I didn't like that, which I then decided was a horrible reason. I wasn't happy with Meg's storyline for the same reason but I loved her character, & I realised that I had to give Anna the same consideration, tbh I think the show messes these things up & encourages hate (too harsh, not too harsh?)


no i totally agree. the show is fueled by sam and dean’s relationship and constantly lords it as the end all be all, which means that basically everyone else’s relationships with them can’t compare to their brudder love and have to be killed off or gotten rid of. that includes almost every female character on this show. and what’s worse is that this is ENCOURAGED by the writing. we’re meant, as an audience, to not have sympathy for these female characters, to villainize them for the same reasons we like the male characters because of the show’s reinforcement of the idea that the love between two men is more important than any other type of relationship (WHILE, i’d like to add, refusing to concede on any m/m queer relationships). hell, the actors can’t even pretend to like the female characters. jared flat-out admitted he didn’t like amelia. kripke despised bela from the moment she was conceived. either the female characters deliberately aren’t given personalities so we aren’t attached to them, or when they ARE given personalities and their own motives, agencies, desires (bela talbot. anna milton.) they’re villainized and we’re ingrained to feel spite for them because they oppose the winchesters, or interfere with their relationship. the same goes in the later seasons for dean and cas. it’s gross.

but tbh spn trying to shove that down my throat only fuels the desire to love and protect the shit out of the female characters on the show.










cue the bllions of fanboy tears

I like it

"It’s currently unclear who exactly is filling the role of Thor going forward, as the original character wasn’t gender-swapped."

No longer is the classic male hero able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, a brand new female hero will emerge will who will be worthy of the name THOR.

"And this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute – she’s now the one and only Thor, and she is worthy!" "

" "This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe."

meanwhile DC’s like “we love ubisoft”


do you know how many sad fanboy comments i read whining about how this messes up the mythology omg i just wanna roll in them this is so golden
making asgard a floating island in space is a-ok but oh my gosh dONT YOU TAKE AWAY DAT PENIS

This is pretty fuckin cool

Well at least it’ll be an easy point to start reading from if you’re new. It’s a pain in the ass finding somewhere to start from all the old stuff






o shit

setting the record straight

Oh look, the media casually blaming underaged girls for their unwilling involvement with adult men


you go girl